Wollongambe 1 To Serendipity

28 Dec 2022 - Nathanael Gandhi

Fun day-trip canyoning adventure with a great group of 5. We all got to enjoy the cool waters of the Wollongambe River on a 30’C day.

We started walking from Mount Wilson Fire Station at 10:45 am down Merewether Lane Fire Trail. Made it to the river 50 min later at 11:35 am and ready to get out of the heat. Those in the group that wanted to change gear for the swims ahead did so and we were off on our canyon adventure by 11:50 am.

In the river

We had a very laid back trip and took a short break about every hour, with an extended lunch and warm up stop about half way.

Lunch & sun

We all enjoyed the drop into Wollongambe 2 and then took at early exit out via Serendipity to get back to the car before dark.

All the flowers

Over all the trip summary (recorded by my Garmin inreaech) was was 8 hrs and 8 min, 7.09 km travelled, 0.87 km/h, 5.01 km/h max speed with a max elevation of 1027.37 metres.

Trip tracking

I had a great time exploring this canyon again, each time is always a little different and a lot of fun.

Thank you to Mashie for leading the adventure and everyone who came along for the enjoyable banter.