About Me

Mechatronic Engineer

My Valued Investments

  • AIT Engineer with Space Machines Company
  • BE(Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering, Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice with Second Class Honours (Division 1) from University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Former UTS Robotics Society advisor and president
  • Former Engineer with Centre for Autonomous Systems UTS
  • Former Scout

The Journey

My career has offered me hands-on experience involving microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, ROS, computer aided design, data analysis, robot development and on-site commercial deployment. Primarily these areas were explored during my 3 year Research Assistant employment at UTS Robotics Institute (formerly Centre for Autonomous Systems). As an active member of UTS Robotics Society I experienced opportunities participating and organising competitions, community outreach, collaborative events, workshops and a range of executive positions including President. One of my most rewarding experiences was developing and teaching a robotics studio course to a wonderful class of students.

Behind the Scenes

Never one to throw my feet up after the nine-to-five, I find myself constantly learning and exploring the wonderful world of FOSS which has manifested in daily driving Linux, writing scripts, guides, self-hosting storage, networking and container systems. When not falling down that rabbit hole, I embrace the challenges in leading outdoor groups on hiking, biking, 4wding and camping adventures.

Academic Experiences

Co-authoring my own project based learning and flourishing in hackathons are some of the exceptional opportunities to have catalysed my development.

Professional Experiences

Spacecraft assembly, integration, and testing (AIT). Developing novel industrial sensing robotic solutions. Dubai Congress for Self Driving Transport exhibitor.

Teamwork & Leadership

Exploring the realms of diversity, inclusion, teaching, learning, socializing and fun. Enabling us to work together and tackle real-world problems in a open-ended, collaborative style.