Teamwork, Service & Leadership

There is always more to learn, someone to help or laughter to share. Following this mantra has enabled me to snowball my experiences and develop the amazing network around me. Forging relationships and promoting positive shared experiences is the name of the game whether collaborating or competing.

Droid Racing

My primary role on the 2018 UTS team was lead mechanical designer. We developed a mounting system allowing a wide array of camera positions that were qucik and easy to adjust. We achieved 1st place, dispite UTS Robotics Society never previously entering the yearly Queensland University of Technology (QUT) hosted inter-university robotics competition.

UTS FEIT Student Advisory Board

Engaging with the FEIT student body to identify and explore the challenges and struggles faced by students in all aspects regarding their university experience. Undertaking brainstorming and research sessions to further develop the identified issues, generate ideas, solutions to effectivley relay the student voice in collaboration with FEIT academics and staff.

Summer Studio

Facilitating a UTS Summer Studio of 10 students with agile and design thinking methodologies, enabling collaborative design, manufacturing and showcasing. Key lessons learnt include understanding the students goals and promoting equal involvement and contribution. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to build on the brilliant minds of my students.
Reflections on this experience are documented here.

UTS Robotics Society

Having held executive positions President (2019), Treasurer (2020), Events Coordinator (2021), and Advisor (2022) I have had the opportunity to lead and develop skills in hundreds of students, teachers, and facilitators. With too many examples to list here checkout my 2019 Presidents Report.