Baby's First Camp - Wingello State Forest

18 Mar 2023 - Nathanael Gandhi

Taking a little one camping can seem daunting at first, however, after this experience there will be many more trips to come.

Day 1

We packed up the car, grabbed some friends and headed off to explore around Wingello State Forest. The drive down was a pleasant one with a few nappy change breaks.

Penrose State Forest

Penrose State Forest

We had planned to spend some time checking out Penrose State Forest for potential campsites on the way, but alas, only the main road through was open.

Bundanoon Lookouts

After Penrose, we decided a quick detour to the lookouts in Bundanoon for lunch was in order. James had handmade us delicious wraps which we enjoyed while checking out the amazing views.

Wingello State Forest

Next on the journey, Wingello State Forest. We entered via the main entrance and was quickly greeted with the camping area. It is a large grassy field with sites marked with picnic tables and shelters. One of the campsites at the end was free, we however had not yet explored this wonderful area and as such continued on.

We were hoping to explore the roads to the north of the campsite but that entire area was sign posted as closed. No harm, the roads to the south were open and we spent a few hours driving around and exploring.

I only dropped the car into a hole once, and thankfully was able to reverse back out of it, granted with a bit of help from the rear locker. The backside of this mound had been washed out and I managed to perfectly line both wheels up into the ruts. This made for some laughs as this wasn’t a 4wd trip, I was not meant to be getting stuck.

Some of the group decided to go for a “quick” hike while the rest of us decided to head back to the campsite. Fingers crossed it was still available.

Luckily for us it was! We setup tents and spent some time chatting while waiting for the others to return from their hike.







Once they were back it was time for some board games, closely followed by dinner and bed.

Day 2

The next morning we had a lazy start to the day, made some breakfast and packed up.

Badgerys Spur Lookout

We decided to drive to Badgerys Spur lookout (which was well worth the view) before driving back to Sydney.

At Badgerys Spur Lookout

Special Thanks

I want to thank all my friends that made this such a wonderful trip, especially for having the patience to make regular stops while we figured out the whole traveling with a baby thing.