Academic Experiences

Co-authoring my own university project based learning and flourishing in various group hackathons are a few of the exceptional opportunities to have catalysed my development.

Warman UTS

Designed and built a successful robot to complete the modified Warman UTS 2019 challenge as part of a 5 person team. Completing this project was an amazing experience I'm thankful Mechanical Design 1 encouraged us to undertake. I documented the design and build in more detail on my previous website.

FPGA PID Motor Controller

I developed a PID motor controller using a FPGA. Mechatronics 1 offered me the opportunity to co-author my own assignment as part of their student extension program “unleashed”. This was wonderfully challenging and a rewarding experience resulting in a FPGA PID controller that was commanded by an Arduino over SPI.

Technology Bootcamp

My contributions include front-end UX design and implementation developed in react.js to visualise our team built blockchain solution designed to capitalise on a buisness opportunity within the renewable energy sector. We achieved 1st place out of 7 teams presenting at the 4-day Accenture mentored hackathon.

Engineers Without Borders

My contributions include project managment, business strategy, presentation scripting, design and delivery. Achieving 2nd place out of 8 teams competing over this 4-day interuniversity competition, we produced a functional prototype and business case utilising humanitarian engineering techniques and combining water filtration technologies creatively.