How To Auto Sync Multiple Onedrive Accounts In Linux With Onedrive Free Client

12 Dec 2019 - Nathanael Gandhi

This guide was made using Ubuntu 18.04. OneDrive Free Client is a CLI client by Skilion that can be configured to auto-start on boot.

Follow the Setup instructions for Dependencies, Installation, First run & Configuration found in the README.

We can now set up multiple accounts. Start by making new local onedrive and .config folders

mkdir ~/OneDriveWork && mkdir ~/.config/onedriveWork && cp ~/.config/onedrive/config ~/.config/onedriveWork/

Edit sync_dir in the config file to sync_dir = “~/OneDriveWork” (ctrl+o to save. ctrl+x to exit)

cd .config/onedriveWork && nano config

Create an autostart script


Enter the following and save

/user/local/bin/onedrive –monitor –confdir=”~/.config/onedrive” & /user/local/bin/onedrive –monitor –confdir=”~/.config/onedriveWork” &

Make the script executable by changing the permissions

chmod +x

Add the script to automatically start on boot

crontab -e

Go to the bottom of the file and add

@reboot ~/.config/onedriveWork/

Run onedrive once and repeat the first time run instructions, similar to the initial setup, this time with your work account login.

onedrive –monitor –confdir=”~/.config/onedriveWork


sudo reboot

Let me know if this helped you!