Motor Controller Using An Fpga

09 Sep 2019 - Nathanael Gandhi

In this project, I make a motor controller using an FPGA.

I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics at UTS and one of my courses, mechatronics 1 offered me the opportunity to design my own FPGA assignment as part of their extension program, “unleashed”. I personally find motivation when I can see the practical application in projects and as such I’ve decided to find a use case in a project I’m involved with at the Centre for Autonomous Systems, the autonomous mobility scooter project. This project is designed to research autonomous systems in pedestrian environments and fits the bill perfectly as I have been tasked with specifying and implementing a steering system which needes the ability to interface with the on-board computer system. To accomplish this I will need a motor controller that can read the current steering angle and input the desired steering angle outputting a control signal to the hardware. To see the video I made as part of this project click below!