Folding Portable Mitre Bench

29 Oct 2022 - Nathanael Gandhi

Free plans to make your own DIY portable folding miter saw bench.

This design was inspired by Tylynn_Sattler with modified dimensions to suit Australian harware store supplies.

Checkout my onshape CAD model


Cut List

  • 12x 90x45x710mm Framing Pine
  • 8x 90x45x510mm Framing Pine
  • 1x 800x600x12mm MDF
  • 3x 710x600x12mm MDF


  1. Build a 710x600mm frame with 2x 90x45x710mm & 2x 90x45x510mm
  2. Repeat step(1) 3 more times
  3. Attached legs to 2 frames (top and bottom) with 4x 90x45x710mm
  4. Attach 2 frames using brackets to sides
  5. Attach 800x600x12mm MDF to centre
  6. Attach 710x600x12mm MDF to wings and base
  7. Attach wheels